Your Travel Biz

You’re about to discover the fastest-growing home based business and fastest growing travel company in the world. You can work from home part-time or full-time.

A combination of three operating groups namely REZconnect Technologies Inc, YTB Travel Network Inc, and Inc comprise of YTB International. This successful International company operates under the trademark of your TravelBiz, Travel Network, Global Travel Network, Travel Network Vacation Central,, and

The main purpose is to provide home based representatives using its services and technology. It also provides travel stores for the travel agency with the help of the Internet. We know that home based business can be highly performance vehicle. It can take people to the future with tax advantages and savings of tremendous amount of time.

With the advent of YTB international in the travel industry, an explosion has taken place. Due to this, the companies are undergoing four phases of growth. Those phases are Formulation, Concentration, Momentum, and stability.

It has received Cruise Lines highest awards, which is the pinnacle award for Production and Outstanding Partnership. However, this pinnacle award has been recognized by very few.

In mid 2005 YTB completed its regional travel trade show in Orlando. One thousand travel associates attended it. At this event, 28 travel vendors gave travel training and product information to the RTAs. (Referring Travel Agents) YTB International is scheduling travel shows in the coming months.

The new RTAs are joining hands in hands with the YTB network for its success. RTAs have increased rates of travel-related services. The latter generates commission-based income for the company, thus, we get contracts for leading product suppliers.

Travel sellers based on home are the fastest travel agency community’s segment and YTB International is part of that. YTB international is proving to be ambrosia for the travel industry. Henceforth it must be encouraged.

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