London Buses Versus London Underground – Why The Bus Is Best!

If you are planning a trip to London, you will be using public transport. The London Underground is a delight, with clear, colourful maps to help you to work out your route. However, there are some advantages of bus travel, so the tube doesn’t have to be your only choice.

London is a bundle of bustle and excitement. Thousands of people visit each year to experience all things ‘British’. Bright, red London buses travel through the city day and night, carrying many thousands of passengers.

Travelling around any city can be daunting. On first viewing, even the map of the Underground can seem a bit fiddly. However, after a couple of trips on the Tube, visitors will start to get a feel for how it all works. plus, there are always station staff on hand to help, too.

If travelling on the underground sounds tricky, the bus can appear to be even more terrifying! However, the benefits of travelling by bus can be well worth the extra effort.

When planning your journey, consider the following benefits of travelling by bus;

Door to Door

When you are travelling by tube, you need to realise that your journey can take extra time. You need to take into account getting to and from Tube platforms. Sometimes the underground walkways are a ten minute journey in themselves. When travelling by bus, you may be able to save journey time by simply hopping on and off. Plus, the bus stop may even be closer to your destination than the nearest tube stop!

Bus Lanes

Much work has been done to improve bus journeys for Londoners and visitors alike. Bus lanes have been developed to ensure a smooth, swift journey for visitors. Traffic may appear to be heavy, but the special bus lanes ensure that buses can always run well.


London buses are very regular, and are not set to fixed timetables. You will note that the bus stops often show a vague ‘bus arrives every 10 minutes’ or so sign. At each bus stop there is a list of the buses that stop there, a guide to let you know the direction of those buses and also a network map showing where the buses go. At many stops, there is an electronic display letting you know exactly when then next bus is due.

Talking Buses

Every London bus ‘talks’, and also shows what the next stop will be on a lit up display. If you are unsure about whether the bus is the correct one for you, you can ask the bus driver. The driver will help you, and may suggest you get on to that bus until a certain stop. You can then listen and look out for that stop from the comfort of your seat.

Double Decker

Red double decker buses are an iconic part of London. You need to travel by bus when you’re in London to get the true London experience!

The View

London architecture can be stunning. The mix of old and new melds together, creating one of the greatest cities in the world. By sitting on the top deck and travelling through the city, you see things that street level, or indeed below street level, will never show you.


London buses have the capacity to accommodate wheelchair users and buggies – a vital facility that not all tube stations can boast.


You can buy tickets for the bus at the bus stop or on-board. You will need loose change for this. If you have an Oyster card that can be used on the buses, too. Bus journeys are cheaper than tube journeys, too!

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