How To Have A Successful Home Business

Before you can have a successful Home Based Business, you must have a very strong:

1. You must have a WHY 2. You must BELIEVE in yourself 3. You must MAKE it Happen


I worked full time and my partner self employed, working more than 9 plus hours a day. When I had my second child, if I didn’t do something different, I would have had to place her in full time day care, that wasn’t an option for me. I took two years paid and unpaid leave and decided that we needed a Business that was flexible and gave us the option of travel as well. My WHY was to give me time with my children, money and travel. I hated the thought of having to return to employment and my children stuck in child care.

We had to be able to have the freedom and flexibility to raise our children, also more control over our own life and finances. After lots of research we have found our answer. A Home Internet Business, this works great for our family, we have a steady income, flexibility with the children and we control the hours that we work. We have now found our WHY. It’s now time to find yours! Ask yourself the questions?

BELIEVE You must believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you can have a successful Home Based Business then you won’t. You are the one that is controlling your future. You must BELIEVE that it is possible. With a little research I began realising that many other people are out there in this big wide world of opportunities, were already making great money, we wanted to be one of those people, If they can do it, we could do it too.

For us, it was trying to figure out what these people out there were actually doing to make this money and once we could do this we could somehow fit this into our own situation. Obviously there are endless ways to make great money and there are also a lot of scams. There is proof everywhere of people making multi millions of dollars, get online and do the research, read the testimonials of others and read their real life stories of how they have made their dreams become reality, there are plenty of books published by authors, who have made a home business successful, the evidence speaks for its self.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a simple way to make money from home. Why wouldn’t anyone want to have the job of the future?

WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE? Good question! An Affiliate is someone who sells products etc on behalf of someone else and you get money, points, and rewards for doing this. It could be anything from Health & Beauty, Fitness, Clothing, Ebooks, Websites… You name it, it can be sold and you sell these on the Internet. This is a huge market and you can take advantage of it. There is huge money to be made in Affiliate Marketing and you can work your own hours. It’s that easy.

Why would you put yourself through endless interviews to be an employee and hope for the best, when you can go to any computer and sign up with the affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing is the job of the future, it’s a simple way to make money online, and it is more than possible to make your living online.


You must be willing to make it happen. You are the only person who can make it happen, instead of analysing the online game you need to jump right in and have a go. Nothing is ever too hard as long as you want it.

READY, GO and then STEADY, this is how you need to think, a lot of people like to have the STEADY before Go, you can’t learn about Internet Marketing by sitting on the outside, you need to jump right in and give it a GO, you need to be in the key centre to truly understand how to profit from it. The truth is you can still earn money while you are still learning.

Why keep second guessing yourself all the time. No one is ever fully ready to start a Home Based or any other type of Business. It’s like starting a family no one is ever truly ready, but once it happens you go with it, you learn, you grow and everything seems to fall into place.

You are the one that needs to Make It Happen.

The best thing about a Home Based Business is, it’s not that expensive to start up, and unlike like other Business’s that requires you to invest thousands of dollars before you can even start.


I suggest that you get IN THE GAME, Don’t sit around wondering and wasting precious time that could be used to teach you the skills that are required to build a successful home based business, Just remember why, believe and make it happen!

When starting your Home Based Business, do your research, who has made it before you, who can I learn from, what are they doing that works, who are my competitors. Make your priority about finding an expert and learning from you. Business education and knowledge is the key to business success.